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About "Poco a poco"It is an educational toy that uses rice husks and is friendly to both the environment and people.

‘- Form a future with kindness –

Our toys are made from “Momigara” (rice husks).

We imagine the smiles of the children who play with our toys.

We also imagine the feelings of carers who look after children.

We wish to make toys for everybody with great care and consideration.

These thoughts and wishes are carefully put into the creation of our toys.

They are packed in a book-shaped box so they are easy to be put on a shelf.

By kindness
nurture our earth and children
with an excellent product

By tenderness
our craftsmanship will bring about a bright future.

By gentleness
our users and the surrounding environment
may flourish little by little

By playfulness
pave the future step by step
for forthcoming generations to shine brightly

By happiness
grow sprouts and become buds
like a flower blooming
Grow inch by inch –

When engaging in manufacturing
we envision these such thoughts in our hearts.