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Nijiiro Gears

About the shape and size of the Nijiiro Gear

Combine, intertwine, and turn the gears to set them in motion.It is a toy that you can truly enjoy in the moment.

It is an educational toy that uses rice husks and is friendly to both the environment and people.You can play with peace of mind in a size that cannot be swallowed.We favored a rounded corner shape.

It also has a cute logo.

The small parts are snuggly put away into in a small drawstring bag with a cute bear.

Forever learning with limitless play possibilities.
Comes with instructions.

How you use it is up to you. We have added instructions that will give you hints on how to play, otherwise you can play till your heart’s content.

As for problem solving using cubes, even problems that are difficult to understand on paper can be unlocked through hands on experience.

In a book-like package it is the perfect for gift for babies
and toddlers to celebrate milestones.

Packaged in a book-like box that blends well with your interior, it is fun to clean up, and peaks curious minds when received as a gift.

The thrill in the moment of opening a book.
An array of Nijiiro gears that spread out neatly when opened.
We want to nurture children’s emotions,
this is a package that gives shape to such thoughts.

Heart warming for both the person
who gives the gift and the person who receives it.

Gentle colors and shapes, comfortable touch.
A simple, approachable toy that everyone can enjoy at their own pace.

Poco a poco educational toys are perfect for gifts and presents.
You can convey your wish for a child’s healthy growth at important milestones such as baby showers and enrolling into kindergarten.

In addition, each one is carefully made using environmentally friendly materials, so we will deliver the idea of ​​”creating a better environment for our children’s future”.

With a stylish design and gentle colors that compliment interiors well, it will blend softly into your room and can be enjoyed by everyone even when you are not playing with it as a toy.

Poco a poco fills both the giver and the recipient with happiness.
Please share it as a present for your loved ones.

サイズ(商品本体) 329×237×127(mm)
対象年齢 Age: 3yrs +
定価(税込) ¥19,800

★ Gears (S) (M) (L)
★ Animal pieces
★ Bases
★ Pivots
★ Instructions
★ POCO Pouch


Made in JAPAN